Shadow Lake Group Appointed Strategic Advisor and Business Development Representative for the Licensing Process of IBsolvMIR® in Canada

TIKOMED, a Swedish privately held biopharmaceutical company today announced the appointment of Shadow lake Group (SLG) to represent TikoMed as a strategic advisor and business development representative for the licensing process of IBsolvMIR® in Canada.

 IBsolvMIR is TikoMed’s immune modulating drug candidate currently in Phase 2 development. IBsolvMir addresses the instant blood-mediated inflammatory reaction (IBMIR) occurring as a reaction to islet cell transplantation in brittle diabetics. In both patient studies and pre-clinical work, IBsolvMIR has shown to be efficacious by decreasing graft loss and helping to establish the graft. TikoMed is now starting a second Phase 2 study with IBsolvMIR for brittle diabetics, involving internationally renowned experts at multiple centers.

Toronto based Shadow Lake Group, is a high transaction advisory firm specialized in life sciences, which provide strategic advisory services with a global reach and network. SLG’s management team has over $9 Billion dollars in transactional and business experience.

Adam Bruce, Executive Board member IBsolvMIR: “We are very pleased to secure this collaboration with Shadow Lake Group. With their proven track record and in-depth market insights, we look forward to having them on board as our partner in this process. As Canada is at the forefront in the field of regenerative medicine and cell therapy, the Canadian market serves as the cornerstone of choice for our global introduction of IBsolvMIR and for exploring opportunities for other indications and therapeutic applications.”

Cathy Miner, Managing Partner of SLG: “We are extremely excited to be working with the TikoMed team to help them continue to advance their very important work in the Islet transplantation field and beyond. We feel that it is only fitting that Canada be a key market to facilitating development of IBsolvMIR given the long history of innovation in diabetes research from the discovery of insulin by Banting and Best in the early 1920’s to the development of the Edmonton Protocol for islet transplantation therapy by Dr. James Shapiro in the late 1990s.” 

For further information, please contact:
Anders Kristensson, CEO
Phone +46 (0) 734 32 32 45



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